Sziltech Electronic ltd is the
manufacturer of the IPVS27 and
IPVS37 digital video systems

The aim of the integration is the display of live video pictures of cameras which use Sarix technology and the accomplishment of the full-value PTZ control in our own application called Live View which is a monitor wall driver of ours (IPVS37M).

The main function of our application called Live view is to display live video pictures supplemented by several control functions. First the assembly of the camera Spectra IV IP H.264 takes place. This is followed by the IX, IM, ID, IE and Spectra HD types.

About Sziltech

On behalf of the excellent quality our company operates the standard MSZ EN ISO 9001 quality management system in the field of designing and manufacturing special industrial computers.

With its products Sziltech Electronic ltd primarily aims at those utilization fields where it is hard to make a compromise among the high expectations, continuous risk and the different possibilities provided by the technology. Our company approaches the technical development and manufacture of video devices from the direction of stable, high-capacity and high-efficiency information devices applying software and hardware in accordance with individual requirements.

Long-term operational safety, continuous availability and modularity are stressed viewpoints just as expandability and reconstructability in accordance with the later requirements deriving from the long life cycle. Due to the wide choice of digital video technical product lines of the advanced IPVS37 and the IPVS27 that have been in the industrial service of security and quality assurance for twelve years, centralized, decentralized or mixed constructed, high-resolution –megapixel IP, cost-effective – hybrid or analogue video recorder systems can be created easily.

Among the references of our dealers are strategic objects, the almost complete palette of the financial sector, the stressed junction of public transport of the earth and the air, logistic centres, industrial plants, power plants and data centres.



Romania, motorway A1

Motorway control


First realized the accomplishment of the full-value PTZ control in our own application called Live View which is a monitor wall driver of ours (IPVS37M)


Spectra IV IP H.264
IPVS37 Video Recorder
IPVS37M Workstation

The used technology allowes to nothing remain hidden from the operator's sight which takes place in the areas captured by the cameras; not to mention that due to the in the background working hybrid video recorder the missed scenes can be viewed quickly.